Vol 7, No 3

Table of Contents


The Energy Leviathan: or how U.S. Shales and Brazil Biodiesel Governance Systems Fail to Promote Decentralization, Accountability, Equity, and Society Participation PDF
Arnoldo De Lima, Fabiano Toni 1-10
Noise Mitigation and Related Factors of High Speed Railways PDF
Inara Watson, Amer Ali, Ali Bayyati 11-19
Modeling Multiple Interacting Nutrient Stocks: Application to the Baltic Sea PDF
Natalia Kuosmanen, Timo Kuosmanen 20-40
The impacts of Resource Development Projects on Community Livelihoods in Papua New Guinea: A Case Study From Mining and Agriculture Projects PDF
Francis Essacu Essacu 41-52
Assessing Vulnerability and Resilience in the Face of Climate Change: A Case Study of North - East India PDF
Sutandra Singha 53-64
Technical and Experimental Study of the Solar Dehydration of the Moringa Leaf and Its Potential Integration to the Sustainable Agricultural Industry PDF
Castillo T. Margarita, Castillo T. Beatriz Miranda M. Erika Viviana, Ovando S. Juan Carlos 65-73
Experimental of Seawater Desalination Using Thermosolar Energy PDF
Beatriz Castillo Téllez Margarita Castillo Téllez, Jorge de Jesús Chan González, Omar Martínez Sarracino 74-80
Marine Circular Economy towards Post-Disaster Reconstruction for Sustainability: Experiences in a Small Coastal Town of Northeast Japan PDF
Ai Tashiro1 Yuta Uchiyama, Ryo Kohsaka 81-89
Carbon Footprint of the Coffee Roasting Process Based on Two Technologies with Different Sources of Energy in Peru PDF
María de los Ángeles Franco Karin Bartl 90-98
The New Role of the Private Sector in Community Development: A Case Study in Artisanal Fishery Communities in Thailand PDF
Nawat Kamnoonwatana, Orada Wongamphaiwit, Atip Asvanund 99-110
Sustainable Development of Traditional Houseboat: Based on the Research of Primitive Architecture of Li Nationality in Hainan Province PDF
Fuyu Yang 111-119
Potable Water Savings in Multifamily Buildings Using Stormwater Runoff from Impermeable Paved Streets PDF
Liseane Padilha Thives, Enedir Ghisi, Natália Mattos da Silva 120-130
Evaluation of Water Heating Systems Through Life Cycle Assessment PDF
Marcel Vechi, Enedir Ghisi 131-142
Relationship between Breeder Characteristics and Adoption of Artificial Insemination in Bali Cattle PDF
Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin, Indriati Sudirman, Lydia Devega Bahar 143-150
Constraints of Biosecurity Adoption on Beef Cattle Farms PDF
Veronica Sri Lestari, Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin, Agustina Abdullah 151-156
The Level of Livelihood Assets Ownership Among Vulnerability Group in East Coast of Malaysia PDF
Ahmad Zubir Ibrahim, Kalthum Hj Hassan, Roslina Kamaruddin, Abd Rahim Anuar 157-161
Innovation in Urban Mobility as an Urban Solution towards More Sustainable Cities: The Case of Informal Urbanization PDF
Ahmed Khaled Ahmed Elewa 162-174
The Relationship between the Disappearing Use Value of Urban Space and Gentrification: "Is Gentrification a Profitable Trade-off?" PDF
Fatma Gozde Koseoglu, Nihan Özdemir Sönmez 175-182
Women as Social Enterpreneurship and Use of Technology PDF
Fahriye Altınay, Zehra Altınay 183-190
Redesign Educational spaces identity and existing city relationship PDF
Anna Celeste Rubino 191-204
Empirical Research on Education for Sustainable Development in Sufficiency-Based Schools PDF
Suparak Suriyankietkaew, Philip Hallinger 205-216
Development of Information Technologies, Planned Obsolescence and Modification of the Life-Cycle of the CAD/CAM/CAE Systems PDF
Galin Milchev, Radoslav Miltchev 217-224
Strategy for the Sustainable use of Ecotourism in the Route of the Colombian Piedemonte PDF
Sandra Acosta Guacaneme, Freddy Díaz Díaz 225-236
Impact of Climate Change and Technology Adoption on Cereal Yields in South Asian Countries PDF
Shahzad Alvi, Faisal Jamil 237-246
Climate Change In Colombia: Trends And Perspective to Achieve Sustainable Development PDF
Clara Inés Pardo Martínez 247-254
Approaching Resilience for Climate Change Adaptation in Complex Milieus: The Case of Vulnerable Neighborhoods in Cartagena de Indias PDF
Mauricio Luna-Galván, Iván Vargas-Chaves 255-264
Urban Transport of Passengers in Large Urban Agglomerations and Sustainable Development. Experience of Bucharest Municipality in Romania PDF
Florina Bran, Sorin Burlacu, Cristina Alpopi 265-273
Unable to Inhale in an Historical Square PDF
Damla Atik, Emine Keleş, Gökçen Bayrak 274-286
Visual Landscape Quality Assessment in Historical Cultural Landscape Areas PDF
Emine Keleş, Damla Atik, Gökçen Bayrak 287-300
Examining Sustainable Mobility in Low-cost Neighborhoods in Khartoum-Sudan PDF
Z. E. Awad, Z. O. Gaafer 301-312
Psycosmogenic Patterns: A Premise for Environmental Harmony PDF
Ardita Byci Jakupi 313-322
Learning and Experiencing Traditional Culture and Nature of Kanazawa City to achieve Sustainable Development Goals PDF
Aida Mammadova, Juan Pastor Ivars 323-333
A Decentralized and Sustainable Solution to the Problems of Dumping Menstrual Waste into Landfills and Related Health Hazards in India PDF
Gautami Bhor, Sayali Ponkshe 334-344
An Attempt to Enhance Daylighting in Educational Buildings Using Interactive Facades PDF
Mohamed M.Elfakharany, M.A.M. Hanafi, Mona M. Abdelhamid 345-354
A Taxonomy of Construction Material Reuse and Recycling: Designing for Future Disassembly PDF
Philip Crowther 355-363
The Attitudes of Demolition Contractors to Reusing Building Components: A Study in New South Wales, Australia PDF
Reza Forghani, Willy Sher, Sittimont Kanjanabootra, Yuri Totoev 364-370
Comparative Studies between Urbanization and Dam Settlement Processes PDF
Cristiano Poleto, Felippe Fernandes 371-380
New Indian Urbanism: Emerging Issues on Sustainability and Urban Ecology PDF
Arup Sarkar 381-386
Environmental Impact Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management in Florence, Italy PDF
Piernicola Masella, Lorenzo Guerrini, Giulia Angeloni, Alessandro Parenti 387-395
Development of Scales for Measuring the In-person Growth of Young Children in Japan, China and Korea PDF
Xiangshan Gao Mai Kominato, Takayuki Umezaki Yuichiro Yamagiwa, Hajime Aoyagi Marie Otomo 396-402
A Sustainable Approach for a Smart Human Resource Management in Healthcare PDF
Hubertus Franke Martina Hasseler, Denise Dick Stephanie Krebs 403-412
Estimation of Radioactivity Caused by Chemical Fertilizers on Trakya Sub-Region Soils and Its Potential Risk on Ecosystem PDF
Gökçen Bayrak, Emine Keleş, Damla Atik 413-424
Assessing the Self-reported Level of Knowledge, of Romanian Parents with 4-12 Year Old Children, on Emergency Behavior PDF
Valeria Ionascu Monica Brinzac, Anamaria Ioana Coci 425-433
Assessment of Sustainable Development of the Residential Construction Sector in the Context of Sustainable City Development in Poland PDF
Marcin Sitek 434-444
Drop in Overinvestment, Marginal value of Cash Holdings, and Governance System of Companies Listed on Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Adel Vahedi, Hamidreza Mohammadi 445-454
The Right of Access to Environmental Information in Ukraine and the EU PDF
Viktor Ladychenko, Liudmyla Golovko 455-459
Relationship of Front Line Employees’ Emotional Intelligence to Co-Creation, Satisfaction, and Customer Loyalty in Banking Industry PDF
Masoumeh Shoeib, Shahram Salavati 460-472
Assessment of the Degree Ageing Labour Force for Example of Poland and Slovakia PDF
Andrzej Skibiński 473-482
Social Capital: A Factor in Region’s Sustainable Development PDF
Tatiana А. Guzhavina, Albina А. Mekhova 483-492
Knowledge Integration for Low Carbon Transition: The Case of Energy Retrofit PDF
Maurizio Sibilla, Esra Kurul 493-506
Comparative Study of Leading Cruise Lines’ Sustainability Practices and Environmental Stewardship in Contribution to SDGs’ Sea and Water Conservation Goal PDF
Hesam Pakbeen 507-516
Contemporary Development and Sustainability Indicators at the Royal Commission of Yanbu PDF
Ayedh A.AlShehai 517-522
A responsible proposal for Italian seafood consumers’ PDF
Cristina Giosuè, V. Gancitano, M. Sprovieri, G. Bono, S. Vitale 523-544

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