Vol 8, No 3

Table of Contents


Presentation and Discussion of an Evaluation Model for Transdisciplinary Research Projects PDF
Rebecca Schulte, Andrea Heilmann 1-10
The ‘No-Alternative Scenario’ in the Alternative Analysis of NEPA PDF
Kalpana Murari 11-19
Children Unwelcome - Socio-physical Study of Children’s Community Toilets Usage in Mumbai’s Slums PDF
Tamar Akov, Sunanda Satwah 20-30
Culture as Fourth Pillar of Sustainable Development: Perspectives for Integration, Paradigms of Action PDF
Francesca Sabatini 31-40
Cultural Heritage: The Forgotten Resource for Marketing and Sustainable Development of the Local Communities PDF
Călin Vegheș 41-51
Regional Sustainable Development Strategies in Russia: the Case of the Volga Region PDF
Sergey Kirillov, Sergey Nikonorov, Alla Pakina 52-62
Investing in Water Purification Infrastructure in an Emerging Market: Some Considerations for Impact Investors in South Africa PDF
Stephen McCallum, Suzette Viviers, Rafael Robina Ramírez 63-72
Teaching EFL in a Rural Context through Place-Based Education: Expressing Our Place Experiences through Short Poems PDF
Pilar Salazar Jaramillo, Yeyson Espejo Malagon 73-78
The Role of Environmental Law Education for Sustainable Development PDF
Hanna Audzei 79-84
Project GENESIS: An All-inclusive Model to Perform Cost-Benefit Analysis of Green Roofs and Walls PDF
Cristina Matos Silva, Carlos Oliveira Cruz, Inês Teotónio 85-94
A Value Chain Framework for Assessment of Sustainable Practices in Manufacturing Firms PDF
Bhavya Pande, Gajendra Kumar Adil 95-107
Clustering for Economic Sustainability of the Traditional Jewellery Artisans of Ranthali: Challenges & Intervention PDF
Mita Nath Bora 108-119
The Importance of Infrastructures in the LDC’s Economic Sustainable Development PDF
Romeo Ciminello 120-132
Smart Cities for Sustainable Development in India: Opportunities and Challenges PDF
Vaidehi Daptardar, Manasi Gore 133-144
Supplying of Products (Herbs) on the EU Market, Imereti Agrozone, Export Opportunities PDF
Shota Lominashvili, Naira Virsaladze, Irine Tchanturidze 145-151
Integration of Environmental and Economic Aspects in Green GRDP Calculation on the Industrial Sector in West Bandung District, Indonesia PDF
Faroby Falatehan, Rizal Bahtiar 152-162
Marketing of Imported Agricultural Products and Its Effects on Producers and some Hinterlands (UPN) Households in the City of Kinshasa/RDC from 2012 to 2018 PDF
Marcel Bwama Meyi, Sylvestre Ruremesha, W. Maseka, Grégoire Mashala Bitwakamba, Romeo Ciminello 163-171
Effective Financing of Environmentally Adjusted Multifactor Productivity Growth in Sustainable Development Framework – An International Comparative Study PDF
Viktor Prokop, Jan Stejskal, Ondrej Kuba 172-182
Creating Eco-Innovations for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Development within European Countries PDF
Viktor Prokop, Jan Stejskal, Petr Hajek, Ondrej Kuba 183-193
The Role of Multinational Enterprises in Achieving Sustainable Development - The Case of Huawei PDF
Sue Claire Berning 194-202
The Framework of the Civil Servants’ Education in the Conditions of Sustainable Development of the Republic of Belarus PDF
Irina Sidorchuk, Aleksei Akhrymenka, Volha Basko, Alexei Grigoriev, Anton Parfenchyk 203-209
Citizen e-Participation as an Important Factor for Sustainable Development PDF
Magdalena Musiał-Karg, Izabela Kapsa 210-220
Environmental Policy Integration in Ukraine and the EU PDF
Liudmyla Golovko, Olena Yara, Maksym Kutsevych, Tamara Hubanova 221-227
Criminal Enforcement of Copyright as an Important Safeguard for Economic and Security Interests PDF
Ioana Vasiu, Lucian Vasiu 228-236
Co-operative Investment Policy as a Tool to Accelerate the Entrepreneurship and Improve the Poverty Condition in Bangladesh PDF
Raju Mohammad Kamrul Alam, Md. Nazmul Hossain, Ahmad Al Humssi 237-248
Welfare Policy of Professors and Academic Excellence for National Development in Nigerian Universities: Cost Implication Analysis PDF
Terungwa Azende, Luper Iorpev, Ivungu John Ayoor 249-260
The Impact of Microfinance Banks on the Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises in Lagos Metropolis PDF
Olufemi Aladejebi 261-274
Stakeholder Engagement and Responsible Research & Innovation in promoting Sustainable Development and Empowerment through ICT PDF
Kutoma Wakunuma, Tilimbe Jiya 275-281
The Implementation of Buen Vivir in Ecuador: An Analysis of the Stakeholders’ Discourses PDF
Lucile Marchand, Mathilde Hérault 282-293
Is Listed Corporates Financial Performance Vulnerable? ROE Factors measurement Using DuPont Formula PDF
Pascal Ricordel, Melinda Majlath 294-305
Higher Education Institutions as a Transformation Platform under the Sustainable Development Goals Framework PDF
Inés López López, Marcos Bote, Longinos Marín Rives, Alicia Rubio Bañón 306-312
The Influence of Governance and Ownership on CSR Practices in Romania PDF
Cosmina Lelia Voinea, Cosmin Fratostiteanu, Bas Romein 313-325
CSR Communication in Problematic Sectors: The Example of Hungarian Brewers PDF
Melinda Majláth, Pascal Ricordel 326-339
The Stage of Corporate Social Responsibility in EU-CEE Countries PDF
Irene Guia Arraiano, Camelia Daniela Hategan 340-353
Groundwater Protection as an Essential Component of Water Management in the European Union in the Light of Modern Integration Processes: Legal Aspects of the Problem PDF
Iryna Iefremova, Iryna Lomakina, Nataliia Obiiukh 354-368
Implementation of International Legal Principles for Judicial Remedy Of Participants in Economical Relations as a Warranty for Sustainable Development of Ukraine PDF
Vadym Koverznev 369-384
Formation of the Economic and Legal Basis for the Development of Organic Farming in Ukraine Through the Prism of European Experience and Attracting Foreign Investment PDF
Daria Piddubna, Viktoriia Shekhovtsova, Olha Melnychuk, Mykola Pypiak 385-404
Trade-off between India’s Trade Promotion and its Environmental Sustainability PDF
Manasi Gore, Meenal Annachhatre 405-417
Green Corridor Development as an Approach for Environmental Sustainability in Jordan PDF
Abdelfattah Al Masri, Özge Özden, Can Kara 418-438
Legal Regulation of Energy Safety in Ukraine and the European Union: Problems and Perspective PDF
Ievgenii Shulga, Volodymyr Kurylo, Inna Gyrenko, Serhii Savych 439-447
Influence of Transformational Economic Processes on Marketing Management by an International Diversified Conglomerate Enterprise PDF
Alona Tanasiichuk, Olha Hromova, Anastasiia Abdullaieva, Yulia Holovchuk, Kateryna Sokoliuk 448-454
Ensuring State-Legal Regulation On The Prevention of Agrarian Raids as a Form of Counteraction to the Offense and as a Mechanism for the Implementation of International Agricultural Cooperation PDF
Victor Beschastnyi 455-474
Evaluation Of Soja Productivity (Imperial Variete And Canada) In Association With Maize (Bamboo Variete) In The Ecological Conditions Of Sustainable Use Of Sake / Nord Kivu PDF
Marcel Bwama Meyi, Viviane Musungay, Grégoire Mashala Bitwakamba, Romeo Ciminello 475-485
Interactional Metadiscourse Markers. A Survey Study on Iranian M.A. TEFL Theses PDF
Ebrahim Abbaszadeh, Seyedeh Azam Hosseini, Mojtaba Aghajani 486-498
Human Capital in the Formation of Efficiency of Enterprises Activity PDF
Svіtlana Hryvkivska, Nataliia Polishchuk, Iryna Salkova, Lesia Kucher 499-509
Roadmapping as an Instrument for the Sustainable Development Planning of Amalgamated Territorial Communities PDF
Volodymyr Ustymenko, Svitlana Hrechana, Olena Kuzmenko, Tetiana Busarieva, Daria Zablodska 510-526
Food Security and Trade in Food Products in Nigeria PDF
Nahanga Verter 527-542
Livelihood Expansion and Local People’s Expectations in the Realm of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan PDF
Tehzeeb Bano, Umer Khayyam, Arif Alam 543-560

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