Virtual Presentations

Virtual Session

Time 13.00 - 15.00

1.  Education in Biosphere Reserves to enhance intercultural competence between Japanese and Russian youth Dr. Aida MAMMADOVA

2. Social and Cultural Aspect in Foreign Language Motivation  defined by Integrative and Instrumental Factors Dr. Valbona Softa

3. Criminal  policy as a basis for the sustainable development of public security  Prof. Dr. Andrejs Vilks

4. Vulnerability Index Elaboration for Climate Change Adaptation in Peru  Dr. Marta Tostes Vieira, Mg. Alfredo Villavicencio Vieira, Ba. Claudia Motta Villa García

5. Conquest of Sustainable Development Through Reformative Mechanisms of ADR
Rachel Jacob Tharakan, Kanika Lahoti

6. Equalizing development levels of regions in the socialist system on the example of the Polish People's Republic  Assoc. Prof. Edyta Czop

7. Comparative analysis of sharing bike systems based on sustainable indicators
Dr. Yurui HAN, Dr. Serge ROHMER

8. Sustainable Land use Planning Solutions for Water Resource Management in Serbia Dr. Jelena Živanovic Miljkovic, Dr. Marijana Pantic, Ljubiša Bezbradica

9. Sustainable Resource Management through Indige-nous Knowledge and Practices – A Case of the Baiga Tribe in India Dr. Sebestianus Lakra

Virtual Session

Time 15.15- 17.15

1. Assessment of Investment Projects Based on Economic Flow and not in Cash Flows
Dr. Halil Kukaj, Fisnik Morina PhDc

2. Central Industrial District as an attempt to implement the principles of sustainable development in the inter-war period Poland Assoc. Prof. Pawel Grata

3. Media market as an example of a deregulated labor market. Historical and social analysis of the new media segment Dr. Jaroslaw Kinal

4. Impact of Gender, Age and Management Style on the Success of Family Business in Kosovo Prof. Ass. Dr. Rifat HOXHA, Prof, Assoc. Dr. Hamdi HOTI

5. Youth resilience in Albania
Geranda Mulla PhDc

6. Factors affecting Employees’ Pro-environmental Behaviour: the Role of Guanxi in Chinese Society
Dr. Hao-Fan Chumg, Kai-Jun Sun, Dr. Qi-Ming,
Song Wei-Wen Sang

7. Structural Transformation of the Turkish Economy under the Scope of Sustainable Development
Prof.Dr. Hacer Simay Karaalp-Orhan

8. Waste to energy financial model design based on resident participation  Dr. Farizal, Nadya Amalin, Ir. Amar Rachman

9. SMEs and Access to Financial Capital: Exploring Islamic Microfinance for Sustainable Poverty Allevia-tion in Nigeria Oluwakemi Amudat Ayanleye


Virtual Session

Time 17.30- 19.30

1. Theoretical foundations of optimising processes in energy conversion systems to increase the effectiveness and ecological safety of their functioning
Prof. Dr. Irina Suvorova, Dr. Oleg Kravchenko,
Dmitriy Veligotskiy, Vitaliy Goman

2. Nuclear energy and sustainable development
Dr. Vladimir Grachev, Dr. Kurysheva

3. Experimental analysis of wind interaction with olive grove and the Atmospheric Surface Boundary Layer
María Jiménez-Portaz, María Clavero,
Prof. Miguel A. Losada,

4. The status quo’s role in improving the estimation of willingness to pay in choice experiments  Assist. Prof. Alexandru Maxim,  Prof. Teodora Cristina Roman

5. Navigating the waters of “THE ENGINE OF DEVOLOPMENT”- Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in India
B.Vishnupriya, Abirami Babu,

6. A pioneering platform: strengthening environmental democracy and justice in Latin America and the Caribbean Giada Ferrucci PhDc

7. Language of Rights and Gifts of Love: Revisiting Inheritance in Eastern India  Amrita Mondal

8. Business Life Expectancy of Manufacturing Sector from Montería, Córdoba - Colombia
Juan Angel Chica Urzola, Ciro Alfonso Serna Mendoza

9. The influence of flexibility principle on the  sustainability of   Interior Design (case study - Smart home technology in Iraq)  Ibtisam Abdulelah Mohammed Al Khafaji, Raz Kamaran

10. Support for climate change: social and economic determi-nants in Africa Dr. Emmanuel Kwasi Adugu.

11. Contributions of trade unionism to Sustainable Develop-ment. The case of the IPLIDO-UTHGRA María Susana Césari, Dr. Johanna Maldovan Bonelli, Mariana Russak,
Jörg Maik Eggers

12. Human Security and Faith Based NGOs‟ Poverty Allevia-tion Programmes (PAP) in Nigeria - Case Study of the Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation Adeejat-Kubra Adenike Kolawole

Virtual Session

Time 17.30- 19.30

1. Climate Literacy and Individual Consumption Behavior: An evaluation of the Indian Experience
Prof. Kanwal D. P. Singh, Aakriti Mathur

2. The Western Mediterranean and the new generations: Culture for Sustainable Development and Intercultural Dialogue Dr. Albino Cunha, Dr. Mafalda Leitão,
Prof. Manuela Ferreira

3. Decision making and behaviour patterns in network relations Dr. Anna Garai

4. Professionalism and non-professionalism: a critical approach in virtual networks Dr. Julianna Nádai

5. Teenagers’ View on Improving Language Proficiency Gained through New Media Dr. Boglárka Boldizsár

6. The importance and influence of destination advertising  Dr. Andrea Csapó-Horváth

7. Eco-psychological/Phenomenological Approach to Sustainability
Dr. Larry W. Riggs, Dr. Sandra Hellyer-Riggs

8. Sustainability, CSR and Performance in Pharmaceutical Sector- a Question Unresolved? Mrs. Kanika Saxena, Dr Sunita Balani, Dr Pallavi Srivastava, Dr Aaruni Saxena

9. Water-education as a promoter of Education for Sustainable Development: three studies in Portuguese-speaking African countries
Dr. Mafalda Leitão, Dr. Albino Cunha, Manuela Ferreira

10. Virtual Reality improving quality education: A case study of a Brazilian Amazon school Thiago Leite Cruz, Wykli da Costa, Ingrid Rafaela da Silva Macedo,

11. Intricate Analysis of Potential Materials for Sus-tainable Product Development Mr. Sachin Kumar, Mr. Anchit Goel, Mr. Gaurav Kumar Singh

12. Proper Enforcement of Extant Rules on Health in Nigeria: a Panacea to Better Health Delivery System. Dr. Gbade Akinrinmade