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EJSD Special Issue V2N4


Seven Pillars of Survivability:

Appropriate Technology with a Human Face

Corinthias Pamatang Morgana Sianipar, Kiyoshi Dowaki,

Gatot Yudoko, Akbar Adhiutama          

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Sustainability Comparison Between Organic and

Conventional Systems at Farm and Field Scale: A

Case Study in Olive Production Systems in Apulia Region

Xhevaire Dulja, Jenny Calabrese, Cesare Pacini,

Concetta Vazzana, Mariana Nikolla

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Enhancing the Transition Capability of Danish

Biomass Technology By Applying a Futures Study

Backcasting Methodology on the Biogas Sector.

Rikke Lybæk, Thomas Budde Christensen, Tyge Kjær

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On Determination of Pollution in Urban Junction,

Caused by Vehicles

Asllan Hajderi , Shkelqim Gjevori

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Energy Efficiency in Industrial Areas: Application of

Best Practices for Energy Efficiency In

Mediterranean Industrial Areas

Maria-Anna Segreto, Marcello Artioli,

Rovena Preka, Mario Tarantini

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Exploring the Applications of Bio-Eco Architecture

for Sustainable Design and Construction process

M. M. Naguib, M. A. M. Hanafi

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Building Sustainable Industrial Areas: Experience

and Perspectives from the Mediterranean

and Western Balkan Countries

R. Preka, M. Tarantini, A. Dominici Loprieno,

M. Litido, M.Segreto

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Evaluating the Performance of Albanian Savings and

Credit (ASC) Union

Jonida Bou Dib (Lekocaj), Eralda Shore, Mariana Nikolla

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How Albanian Private Universities can use Game

Theory for Optimization of Scholarship Offers.

Llambrini Sota, Fejzi Kolaneci

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Impact Of Firm Specific Factors On Capital Structure

Decision: An Empirical Study Of Albanian Firms.

Anila Çekrezi

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Analysis of Causes and Effects of Applying IAS And

IFRS in Case of Mergers and Acquisitions of Banks

in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Meliha Bašić, Haris Jahić, Lejla Jahić

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Promotion Influence in Sales Advance and in Increasing

the Image to the SMEs in Kosova

Rajan Arapi

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Relationship Between the Police Educational

Formation System and Public Security

Artur Beu, Ariana Nepravishta

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Planning and Restoration of Environmental Values in

Nigeria Dysfunctional Societies

Basorun, J. O. Ayeni, D.A

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Extractive industry a burden or an opportunity for

sustainable development?


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Analyzing Primary Social Studies Curriculum of

Turkey in Terms of UNESCO Educational for

Sustainable Development Theme


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Education For Sustainable Development

Engjellushe Zenelaj

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The Role of Faculties of Education in Increasing

Sustainable Environmental Awareness of Society

Abdullah KARATAŞ

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Real Estate Taxes in Albania

Luciana Koprencka, Edmira Cakrani, Migena Petani

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Regional Sustainable Development – Czech Region

Ranking UsingMulti-criteria Decision Analysis

Lenka Hudrlikova, Ludmila Petkovova

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Effects of Remittances on Poverty among Rural

Households in Nigeria

O. W. Olowa, T. T Awoyemi, M. A. Shittu, O.A.Olowa

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Challenges Towards Sustainable Tourism for

Regional Development of Vlore Region

Aleks Prifti, Engjellushe Zenelaj

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The Effects of the Price Change, on the Demand of

Agricultural Products During Summer Time.

Dudi SULI, Gjergji Xhabija

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Government Spending and Real Exchange Rate

Case of Albania

Edmira Cakrani, Pranvera Resulaj, Luciana Koprencka(Kabello)

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Testing the Fair Game Hypothesis for US

Dollar/Albanian Lekë Exchange Rate Over the Period January

1994- December 2012

Llambrini Sota, Fejzi Kolaneci

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What can be the Role of Public-Private Partnerships

and the role of the Collective Action in Ensuring

Sustainable Smallholder Participation in High Value

Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chains in Albania?

Dudi SULI, Florjan BOMBAJ, Hergys SULI, Gjergj XHABIJA

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Neuro-psycho-education-existential group program:

Evidence based Professional Practice at persons with psychiatric

and intellectual disabilities.

Suela Ndoja

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Communication of Tourism Product;

The case of Himara.

Dudi SULI, Ina ÇANI, Hergys SULI  

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Economic Efficiency in Edgeworth Box Market the

Case of Two Goods

Dudi SULI, Eriona DEDA, Hergys SULI

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Local Governments as Nodes for Greenhouse Gas

Abatement: Climate Change Governance in Multi-

Level Frameworks

Magnus Franzén 

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