8th ICSD 2020 International Conference

Thursday 09 September 2020 / First Session

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable Urbanism

Socio-Cultural Sustainability

1. Exploring Eco-efficiency in Small Scale Farming: How Governance, Policy and Human Capital Contribute to Sustainability ?
Prof. Bazyli Czyzewski,
Prof. Agnieszka Poczta-Wajda, Prof. Jolanta Drozdz
1.Cities for People; The Dependency and Impact of Automobile in the Life of City Dwellers
Arc. Francis Ogochukwu Okeke, Dr. Andy E. Okosun, Arc.
Clifford A. Udeh, Arc. Chukwumezie J. Okekeogbu
1.Strategies to improve hazardous waste management at the Faculty of Engineering Vitoria-Gasteiz UPV/EHU
Dr. Ainara Saralegi, Dr. Naiara Rojo,
Dr. Jon Alvarez, Dr. Loli Encinas,
Ms. Josune Amurrio
2.Soil Organic Carbon in Godech Municipaity, Western Bulgaria
Assistant professor, Dr. Borislav Grigorov,
Dr. Assen Assenov
2.The Urban-rural Continuum: A New Approach to the Future Planning for Rural China
Mao Lin
2.Framing climate change process in Lithuanian online media
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Justas Kažys
3.Geological- and Chemical-Based Anthropogenic Environmental Risk Factor Sustainability Model
Daniel T. Rogers
3.Traces of Social Sustainability in Garden Cities-Karlsruhe as a Case Study
PhDc Mahsa Bagheri
3.Saving water for the future via increasing plant literacy of young generation
Dr. Renata Ryplova, Assoc.Prof. Jan Pokorny
4.Potential carbon absorption during riparian reforestation project in the Ili river delta (Kazakhstan)
Dr. Dmitrii Zamolodchikov, Dr. Oksana Lipka,
Vladimir Kaganov
4.Urban Critical infrastructures’ Governance Framework for Climate Resilient Cities
PhDc Cinta Lomba, Dr. Leire Labaka,
Dr. Josune Hernantes ,

Thursday 09 September 2020/ Second Session

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable Urbanism

Socio-Cultural Sustainability

1.Complexity of North-South Technology Transfer: Lessons from a renewable energy project in frontier markets
Dr. Henny Romijn, PhDc Aziiz Sutrisno, Patrick P.A.J. van Schijndel, Alula Y. Taddesse

1.The Aesthetic and Plastic Values for The Concept of Synthesis through The Ages and the Variables of Material and Designing the Hanging Textile
Assoc. Prof. Nahla Eldeeb

1.Evaluation of The Barrier-Free Tourism And Sustainability of The Barrier-Free Society in Cyprus
Prof. Dr. Fahriye Altinay, Prof. Dr. Zehrat Altinay, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Altinay, Prof. Dr. Gokmen Dagli


2.Green logistics – the way to environmental sustainability of logistics. Empirical evidence from Polish SMEs
Dr. Krzysztof Zowada

2.Inclusion and Equality in Contemporary Urban Housing Developments. The study of Riga
M. Sc. Arch. Santa Freimane

2.Sustainable Tourism Development in Russia: The Case of Baikal Harbour Project
Prof. Sergey Kirillov, Dr. Natalia Sedova, Dr. Mikhail Slipenchuk, Dr. Elena Vorobyevskaya


3.Water resources management in vulnerable ecosystems: Quiroz river basin, Piura
Dr. Marta Tostes Vieira, Mirian Espejo Paredes, Enrique Macedo Buendía, Dr. Fidel Torres Guevara

3.The Visual Penetration as a Creative Theory and Its Aesthetic Role in the Construction of Vacuum Sculptural Constructions of the Ready-made Objects and Benefit from them in the Development of Concepts of Contemporary Sculpture
Assoc. Prof. Mahmoud Elsayed

3.The Role of Sensitivity Training for Managing Diversities in Sustainable Smart Societies
PhDc Ceren Karaatmaca, Prof. Dr. Fahriye Altinay, Prof. Dr. Zehrat Altinay, Prof. Dr. Gokmen Dagli


4.Mapping of Water Price for Sustainable Irrigation in the EU

Artur Lopatka

4.Dynamic of Domes and Minarets Monumental and Benefit from Them in Designing Architectural Ceramic Unit's Multi - Purpose
Dr. Hend El Badry


5.Artificial Coral Reef Sustained by Rural School Meal Program for Malnutrition
Maya Pillai, Donaran Das, Dr Nitin Shah


Thursday 09 September 2020 / Third Session

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Socio-Cultural Sustainability

1.Towards a Holistic Sustainability Evaluation for Transport Alternatives
PhDc Thu Trang Nguyen, Ing. Helmut Brunner, Assoc. Prof. Mario Hirz
1.The Possibilities of Modifying the Setpoint Temperatures to Reduce the Energy Consumption of HVAC
Dr. David Bienvenido-Huertas

1.Ethnocentrism in Polish Consumer’ Food Behaviour as a Determinant of Short Supply Chains Development
Dr. Gabriela Hanus


2.The solution to safety crisis in railways after privatisation

Hiroki Ito

2.Acceptance of the Abolition of New Year's Eve Fireworks. A theoretical and Empirical Analysis Under the Aspect of sustainability
Prof. Dr. Wanja Wellbrock, Prof. Dr. Daniela Ludin, PhDc Erika Müller, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gerstlberger

2.Cultural consumption as a Trait of a Sustainable Lifestyle: Evidences from the European Union
Prof. Dr. Calin Veghes


3.Sustainable innovation cognizance and acceptance: the case of electric vehicle adoption in Ontario, Canada
Dr. Philip Walsh, Dr. Ranjita Singh

3.Developing European Key Competences With Green Education

Dr. Margherita Maria Sacco, Dr. Elena Liliana Vitti, Prof. Alberto Parola

3.Designing and Implementing Sustainability: An Integrative Framework for Integrating Global Sustainable Development Goals
Jan Beyne, Prof. Dr Wayne Visser

4.Community Preparedness for Disasters in Delhi, India: An Empirical Evaluation
Dr. Upma Gautam, Dr. Deeksha Bajpai Tewari

4.Dissemination of Environmental Information in the E-Governance System: World Trends and Experience for Ukraine
Prof. Dr. Viktor Ladychenko, Dr. Olena Chomakhashvili, Dr. Olena Uliutina Assoc. Prof. Dr. Julia Kanaryk


5. Collaboration Between NGOs and Government to Provide Post-Disaster Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services
PhDc Mina Hosseinpourtehrani, Prof. Iftekhar Ahmed, Dr. Kim Maund


5.On the World Co2 Emission Equitable Transition Design and its Implementation: Theory and Empirical Data
Demetrio Miloslavo Bova


6.Design and thermal characterization of dryers with hybridization of solar technologies by drying peppermint leaves (Mentha spicate)
Dr. Margarita Castillo Téllez, Dr. Beatríz Castillo Téllez, Gerardo Alberto Mejía Pérez, Dr. Oscar de Jesús May Tzuc


Thursday 10 September 2020 / First Session

Socio-Cultural Sustainability

Economic Sustainability

Governance Sustainability

1.Approximation of Ukrainian Environmental Legislation to EU Law: Directions and Perspectives
Dr. Liudmyla Golovko, Dr. Maksym Kutsevych, Dr. Viktoriia Serediuk, Dr. Olga Bogdan

1. Entrepreneurial Education in the Context of the Imperative Development of Sustainable Businessv
Asoc. Prof. Dr. Carmen Valentina RADULESCU, Dr. Sorin BURLACU, Asoc. Prof. Dr. Dumitru Alexandru BODISLAV, Prof. Dr. Florina BRAN

1. Sustainable Local Development in Romania in the Opportunity of Creating Jobs
Dr. Florina BRAN, Ghenadie CIOBANU, Dr. Maria Loredana POPESCU, PhDc Petrut Cristian VASILACHE


2. Development of a sustainable society in the context of transformation of the legal system
Prof. Andrejs Vilks, Dr. Aldona Kipane

2. Improving Students’ Professional Communication Abilities - A Part of Career Success?
PhDc Constantin-Iulian Tanascu, Dr. Cristina State, Raluca-Elena Ghinea, Robert-Andrei Costache

2. Challenges of Sustainable Urban Development in the Context of Population Growth
Prof. Dr. Marius Constantin PROFIROIU, Asoc. Prof. Dr. Dumitru Alexandru BODISLAV, Dr. Sorin BURLACU, Asoc. Prof. Dr. Carmen Valentina RADULESCU,


3. Legal Culture as a Condition for Sustainable Development of Ukrainian Society
Dr. Vira Kachur, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khrystyna MoriakProtopopova, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Liudmyla Protosavitska, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svitlana Khomiachenko,

3. Is Homeworking a Better Option in the Digital Era? An Empirical Research Across EU Member States
PhDc Daniela-Ileana Predeteanu-Dragne, PhDc Ion Tudor, Dr. Catalina Picu, Prof. Dr. Dan Popescu

3. The role of family policy in solving demographic problems. Study of the Polish Program Family 500+
Dr. Sławomir Wilk


4. Forms and Consequences of the Cyber Threats and Extortion Phenomenon
Prof. Dr. Ioana VASIU, Dr. Lucian Vasiu

4. Growing the Sustainability of Social Economy Enterprises Through Volunteering
PhDc Ion Tudor, PhDc Daniela-Ileana Predeteanu-Dragne, Dr. Florina-Valentina Nicolae, Dr. Cristina State

4. Sustainable Digitalization in Public Institutions: Challenges for Human Rights
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aurelija Puraite, Prof. habil Dr. Ruta Adamoniene, Dr. Audrone Žemeck


Thursday 10 September 2020 / Second Session

Socio-Cultural Sustainability

Economic Sustainability

Governance Sustainability

1.Scaling the Mental Health Literacy amongst Undergraduate Students: A Road towards Sustainable Development
Sonali Sharma, Dr. Upma Gautam, Dr Deeksha Bajpai Tewari

1.Do They Care? The Relevance of Sustainability/ CSR in the World of Yachting
PhDc Stephanie May

1.Sustainable public spending through blockchain
Dr. Judit Glavanits


2.Inclusive Education for Ethnic Minorites in the Developing World: The case of Alternative Learning System for Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines
Dr. Maria Rita Cucio, Dr. Ma. Divina Gracia Z. Roldan

2.Openness, Innovation and Productivity: Evidence from Enterprise Surveys
PhDc Anmol Kaur Grewal

2.Inclusive institutins – a precondition of sustainable development. A comparative analysis between Romania and Poland
Dr. Oana-Ramona Socoliuc (Guriță), Prof. Ion Pohoaţă, Dr. Delia-Elena Diaconaşu


3.Education for Sustainable Development and Primary Education in China: A Case Study
PhDc Ronghui (Kevin) Zhou

3.Dynamics Of Establishment Of The Enterprises And The Entrepreneurship In Romania
Prof. Dr. Petrică Sorin ANGHELUȚĂ, Mihaela Diana NEGESCU OANCEA, Amelia DIACONU, Dr. Cristina DIMA

3. Axiology in Latvia`s Insolvency policy
PhDc Valdis Savickis,


4.Assessing the Impact of Social Innovation Education on Primary and Secondary Education Students
Irene Kalemaki, Ioanna Garefi, Dr Aristidis Protopsaltis,

4.Economic-Ecological Analysis of Sustainable Development in Romania
Roxana SARBU, Antoneta Marcela NICULESCU, Ovidiu Andrei Cristian BUZOIANU, PhDc Svetlana PLATAGEA GOMBOS

4.Implementation of a Circular Economy: the Changing Role of Municipalities
Prof. Dr. Lina Dagilienė, Dr. Viktorija Varaniūtė, Dr. Jurgita Bruneckienė


5.Regional Disparities in Turkey: A Socio-Economic Perspective
Dr. Hacer Simay Karaalp-Orhan


Thursday 10 September 2020 / Third Session

Socio-Cultural Sustainability

Poster Session

Poster Session

1.Influencers - Contemporary Authorities of the YoungGeneration?
Dr. Katarzyna Garwol

1.Digitalization for the sustainable development of small towns
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tatyana Guzhavina

1.Certain Aspects of Litigation in Cassation Instance in Securing a Fair Trial
Dr. iur. Inga Kudeikina, Dr.iur Sandra Kaija


2.Universities of the Third Age as a Method of Education and Gerontological Prevention
Dr. Dorota Rynkowska,

2.Limiting water demand for agriculture with smart ICT tools based upon wireless sensor network
Prof. Rafal Wawer

2.Organic Fractions and Pesticide Dissipation in Groundwater Sediments
PhDc Vilhelmiina Harju, Assoc. Prof. Merja Kontro


3.Families Benefiting from Social Assistance in Poland - Strategies and Barriers to Poverty Reduction
Magdalena Pokrzywa

3.Jeddah’s Waterfront Regeneration Project - A Post Occupancy Evaluation: Public Assessment of Visual and Social Dimensions Part I
Dr. Azza Eleishe

3. In Situ Electrokinetic Remediation of Cadmium Contaminated Farmland
PhDc Yan Sun, Dr. Zongping Cai, Dr. Zongping Cai, Prof. Shuiyu Sun, Dr. Yanghong Deng, Prof. Martin Romantschuk, Dr. Aki Sinkkonen




4.Factors affecting international and national tourist arrivals (1974-2020) in Leh District (U.T. Ladakh, India)
Eng. PhD Vladimiro Pellicardi

4.Educational Recommendations to Maintain a Healthy Biorhythm of Children Living in a LightPolluted Environment
PhDc Sándor Csonka