Integration of Economic Aspects in the Research of the Agricultural Market of Ukraine


  • Iryna Sievidova
  • Elina Pakhucha
  • Olexandr Oliynyk
  • Tamila Oliynyk
  • Serhii Plyhun



The necessity and importance of conducting agricultural market research was substantiated. Features of the process of marketing research were identified, taking into account the specifics of agricultural production and sales according to time requirements. The basic principles on the basis of which the algorithms for conducting market research are developed and directly carried out were determined. The main requirements for conducting research on the state of the agricultural market were outlined, the most important being objectivity, impartiality and independence from personal or political interests. The factors that should be taken into account when conducting marketing research on the state of the agricultural market were determined, taking into account both controllable and uncontrollable factors of the marketing environment. The stages of marketing research that meet the requirements of the agricultural market were offered. Gross production volume of agricultural products was predicted and trends in the whole branch were discovered, a polynomial trend line was chosen because the equation of this model has the highest coefficients of correlation and determination, and so it describes the dynamics most reliably. The agricultural market was studied in terms of marketing, i.e. from the perspective of two subsystems, the first of which is represented by the supply, and the second by the demand. It was established that the supply of basic foodstuffs is realised by means of domestic production, and the demand is realised by means of internal and external buyers.

The overall price situation on the agricultural market in Ukraine was analysed and predicted. The contemporary features and problems of formation of prices for agricultural products are outlined. The research on the modern state of agricultural market gave a reason to claim about its development being rather steady, reaffirmed by the positive dynamics of gross agricultural production volume.

Key Words: agricultural marketing, marketing research, economy, development trend, agricultural market, agricultural produce.




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Sievidova, I. ., Pakhucha, E. ., Oliynyk, O. ., Oliynyk, T. ., & Plyhun, S. . (2020). Integration of Economic Aspects in the Research of the Agricultural Market of Ukraine. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 9(4), 395.