Impact of digital performance in growing businesses (Case study Republic of Kosovo)


  • Ermira Shehu UBT Higher Education Institution Kosovo
  • Osman Sejfijaj UBT Higher Education Institution Kosovo
  • Fisnik Morina University “Haxhi Zeka” – Peja, Kosovo
  • Fatmir Memaj University of Tirana, Albania



digital performance, growing business, managing digital transformation, value chain, strategic management, human resource


Purpose: The aim of this Article is related to the impact that digital performance exerts on development of countries in transition. The data for this article were extracted from a wider survey conducted in the Republic of Kosovo.

Methodology: A large number of factors were analyzed in this paper, with a view of presenting the whole impact of digital performance and importance of business development in continuity. This survey includes businesses and employees. A special focus was made on management of digital transformation, value chains and a strategic aspect which result to be among major factors influencing the business performance The paper includes a methodology of research, research questions and hypotheses, survey data report divided into two sections (viewpoint of company and employees), and a final chapter of the paper relates to the presentation of conclusions and recommendations of the study

Findings: Results of this paper show that there is a positive correlation between digital performance and business growth, however a special impact is made by human resources in establishing and implementing functional strategies, based on market demands and technological development trends.

Practical implications: The digital transformation is a MUST for all business types. The Covid 19 situation approve the importance of business digitalization and benefits of this investment.  

Originality: The study is conducted with primary and secondary data and all the empirical analysis are original based on the authors' calculations through econometric models.




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Shehu, E. ., Sejfijaj, O. ., Morina, F. ., & Memaj, F. . (2022). Impact of digital performance in growing businesses (Case study Republic of Kosovo). European Journal of Sustainable Development, 11(1), 230.