Theories of Migration: Sociological and Conceptual Dilemmas


  • Saleh I.A. Al-Khudairy College of Humanities and Social Sciences, King Saudi University, KSA



The aim of this study is to introduce to the researchers' migration theories in a brief and modern form. As rates of migration are increasing all over the world for different reasons it became necessary to review critically the theories that dealt with such important social phenomenon. The study is an analytical and critical study adopted the documentary research methodology and the office work and content analysis as a tool to obtain information. The study discussed many aspects of sociological theories such as definitions, typologies, areas of strength and weakness and historical development In this study theories of migration were classified into three main types: macro level theories, micro level theories, and the ones, which attempts to bridge the gap between these levels. 

Keywords: Migration, Migration theories, Macro Theories, Micro Theories, Typology




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Al-Khudairy, S. I. . (2024). Theories of Migration: Sociological and Conceptual Dilemmas. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 13(1), 31.