Regional Policies for Sustainable Attractivity of the Euregio


  • Renate Klotz PhD student at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy



quality of life and migration, Euregio migration data, professional workers in the Euregio, sustainable attractivity, Alpine area


In the literature, quality of life is increasingly emphasised as a determinant for the location choice of highly qualified individuals. There is no doubt that the Euregio, which is ecologically, economically, and culturally rich, offers great potential for the settlement of highly qualified professionals. Statistical data show an increasing rate of migration from the Trentino-South Tyrol region in the last 10 years. In this research, causal factors are identified that encourage highly qualified professionals to move out of or settle in the Euregio. The importance of sustainable, attractive communities for their decision-making is identified.

Methods of the research mixed methods in exploratory design starting with open interviews with out-migrants, in-migrants, and return migrants.

Results of the qualitative data collection: High quality of life is not the primary determinant for staying in the Euregio1. The economic aspect has no clear primary relevance in the decision to leave, but it does in the decision to migrate and return. Closed mentality and cultural realities have a notable influence on the emigration of highly qualified professionals. A series of sustainable recommendations for action can be presented. Their implementation is necessary on a political and primarily a societal or community level.

 Keywords: 'quality of life and migration'; 'Euregio migration data'; 'professional workers in the Euregio'; 'sustainable attractivity in Alpine area'




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Klotz, R. . (2024). Regional Policies for Sustainable Attractivity of the Euregio. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 13(2), 31.