Understanding Intercultural Communication as a Condition for Sustainable Development


  • Olena Aleksandrova
  • Marina Kolinko
  • Alla Ishchuk
  • Mykola Kozlovets
  • Halyna Petryshyn
  • Alla Hotsalyuk
  • Ganna Taran




intercultural communication, sustainable development, communicative space, sustainable value perception


Intercultural communication plays a significant role in promoting the principles of sustainable development by fostering global interactions, resolving conflicts, and facilitating cultural exchange. In this study, diverse aspects of intercultural communication are investigated, with the highlight of its significance in shaping fresh social dynamics across various cultural landscapes. The phenomenon of ‘communicative space’ is depicted as a vibrant arena where individuals from different cultures share their perspectives, influencing both the potential for interaction and the obstacles to cross-cultural understanding. Language, as the socio-cultural space of speech activity, plays a central role in facilitating communication, alongside strategic communication practices tailored to intercultural contexts. Additionally, the study highlights the significance of sustainable development goals in guiding the formulation of practical communication models, with an emphasis on preserving cultural diversity as a key aspect. Insights from a survey examining the relationship between sustainable values and interpersonal communication are integrated, offering practical implications for promoting effective intercultural dialogue. In conclusion, this research contributes theoretical insights and pragmatic strategies to advance intercultural communication for sustainable development, underscoring the imperative of cultural diversity preservation on a global scale. 

Keywords: intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, sustainable development, cultural context, communicative space, language strategies, sustainable value perception, global communication dynamics




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Aleksandrova, O. ., Kolinko, M. ., Ishchuk, A. ., Kozlovets, M., Petryshyn, H. ., Hotsalyuk, A. ., & Taran, G. . (2024). Understanding Intercultural Communication as a Condition for Sustainable Development. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 13(2), 261. https://doi.org/10.14207/ejsd.2024.v13n2p261