SADC Multilateral Approach for Sustainable Development in Cabo Delgado


  • Mmakoena Mpshane-Nkosi PhD Candidate, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.



Insurgency, Cabo Delgado, SADC, Multilateralism, Good Governance Theory


This article investigates the political stability of Cabo Delgado’s insurgency in Mozambique and the regional multilateral efforts of the South African Development Community (SADC) and international organisations. Since establishing the United Nations’ seventeen Sustainable Development Goals five years ago, recent studies have shown that governance sustainability is essential for peace and security. According to Meadowcroft (2007), sustainable governance refers to the socio-political governance systems established to achieve sustainable growth. Thus, sustainable governance is a foundation for ensuring the achievement of long-term governmental goals managed and operated by multiple actors within a system. Sustainable development promotes methodical and constructive planning of current and future usage of resources. Governance refers to how government manage and exercises the country’s economic and social resources for growth.   While many scholars in the last two years, such as Bosman and Gruzd (2022), Sithole (2022), and Okunade et al. (2021), have indicated the conflict vulnerability to the Southern African region, the government and bloc’s slow response, particularly in dealing with the armed conflict; this study argues that the multilaterally the region responded on time and is ensuring sustainable development and peace and security.  The article details the multilateral approach used for counterterrorism, mainly the use of military intervention and continuous discourse within political spaces. The qualitative method extrapolates how stability, safety and security were achieved and the sustainable development plans. 

Keywords: Insurgency, Cabo Delgado, SADC, Mozambique, Multilateralism, Good Governance Theory




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Mpshane-Nkosi, M. . (2024). SADC Multilateral Approach for Sustainable Development in Cabo Delgado. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 13(2), 307.