Development Of The Banking Market In Albania


  • Alqi NAQELLARI Departament of Economics, Mediterranean University of Albania, Blv.”Gjergj Fishta”. Nr.52 1023, Tirana
  • Sokol Pacukaj Aleksander Moisiu, University of Durres, Durres, Albania.
  • Elona SHAHINI Departament of Economy, Mediterranean University of Albania, Blv.”Gjergj Fishta”. Nr.52 1023, Tirana



The purpose of this research is to analyze the development in banking sector in Albania since its strands and up to the present day. To highlight its role and influence in the Albanian Economy. The materials that are used are mainly taken by the Bank and
INSTAT, Annual Statistical Reports, Monthly, Annual Reports and other materials needed for research. Methods used are mainly looking for methods of description, comparison, analysis and synthesis, the Gini index, Pearson, HHI, CR etc. The achieved results. Albanian Banking System is originated in 1850. Is divided into several periods. We have taken in the analyze the occurrences after 2003. There are 3 coins circulating in Albania.
The banking system is concentrated in two poles, six leader banks and 10 with satellite role. The effect of the monetary policy transmission is low BOA for inflation, the cost and
distribution of loans and the growth of economy. In conclusion, the banking system is deformed. Should be create a bank with state capital and gradually eliminate foreign currency deposits and loans.

Keywords: banking market, credit, deposit, styptic and expansionary monetary policy, inflation, unemployment, transmission effect,




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NAQELLARI, A., Pacukaj, S., & SHAHINI, E. (2014). Development Of The Banking Market In Albania. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 3(3), 329.