Main Fundamentals of Economic Judiciary of Ukraine


  • Vadym Koverznev



The article deals with the principles of judicial proceedings by economic courts of Ukraine and their legal nature is disclosed. The relation between the concepts of "jurisdiction" and "justice" is determined; the author formulates the principle of the rule of law and outlines its main elements; the legal nature of the principle of justice and its variants is disclosed; criteria for determining the reasonableness of the terms of the court's consideration of the case are proposed; it is substantiated that the enforcement of the judgment is the final stage of the administration of justice and one of the main criteria for determining the effectiveness of judicial protection of individual rights. The author has proved that the current economic procedural legislation of Ukraine is based on the international legal principles of activity of judicial bodies and ways of its improvement are suggested.

Keywords: fundamentals of economic judiciary, jurisdiction, justice, the rule of law, ratability, binding nature of court decisions




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Koverznev, V. . (2020). Main Fundamentals of Economic Judiciary of Ukraine. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 9(1), 34.