Vol 8, No 5

Special Issue

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The Damage Caused to the Environment in the Context of the Sustainable Development of Society PDF
Inga Kudeikina, Sandra Kaija 1-8
Use of Industrial Waste to Produce Ceramic Coatings on Metal PDF
Maria Lucia Pereira Antunes, C.S. Souza, R.F. Moraes, E.C. Rangel, N.C. Cruz 9-15
Sustainable e-Governance and Human Resource Development PDF
Sorin Burlacu, Cristina Alpopi, Marcela Mitrită, Maria-Loredana Popescu 16-20
What is the Connection between Soil Carbon Dioxide Emission, Global Warming and Food Security? PDF
Agnes Toro, Endre Harsányi 21-28
New Fiscal Package in Kosovo and Its Impact on Economy PDF
Artan Nimani, Halil Kukaj 29-36
Values Congruence on CSR and Its Impact on Corporate Reputation PDF
Songdi Li, Louise Spry, Tony Woodall 37-46
Contributions of Trade Unionism to Sustainable Development: The Case of the IPLIDO-UTHGRA PDF
María Susana Césari, Johanna Maldovan Bonelli, Mariana Russak, Jörg Eggers 47-56
The Energy from Renewable Sources in the European Union: Achieving the Goals PDF
Sorin Petrica Angheluta, Sorin Burlacu, Amelia Diaconu, Cristina Stefania Curea 57-65
European Multi-Level Governance PDF
Florina Bran, Dumitru Alexandru Bodislav, Carmen Valentina Rădulescu 66-74
Digital Technologies Applied in Agriculture for Sustainable Development PDF
Carmen-Valentina Radulescuu, Maria-Loredana Popescu, Mihaela Diana Oancea Negescu, Dumitru Alexandru Bodislav 75-80
Shaping the Common Labor Market between Denmark and Sweden: Lessons for Sustainable Development PDF
Kate Plaskonis 81-86
Education in Biosphere Reserves to Enhance Intercultural Competence between Japanese and Russian Youth PDF
Aida Mammadova 87-92
Social and Cultural Aspect in Foreign Language Motivation defined by Integrative and Instrumental Factors PDF
Valbona Softa 93-101
Vulnerability Index Elaboration for Climate Change Adaptation in Peru PDF
Marta Tostes Vieira, Alfredo Villavicencio Vieira, Claudia Motta Villa García 102-114
Criminal Policy as a Basis for the Sustainable Development or Public Security PDF
Andrejs Vilks 115-124
Equalising the Levels of the Development of the Regions in the Socialist System with the Polish People's Republic as an Example PDF
Edyta Czop 125-132
Assessment of Investment Projects Based on Economic Flow and Not in Cash Flows PDF
Halil Kukaj, Fisnik Morina 133-136
Central Industrial District as an Attempt to Implement the Principles of Sustainable Development in the Inter-War Period Poland PDF
Paweł Grata 137-145
Media Market as an Example of a Deregulated Market: Historical and Social Analysis of the Local Media PDF
Jarosław Kinal1 Kinal 146-152
Impact of Gender, Age and Management Style on the Success of Family Business in Kosovo PDF
Rifat Hoxha, Hamdi Hoti 153-160
Structural Transformation of the Turkish Economy under the Scope of Sustainable Development PDF
Hacer Simay Karaalp-Orhana 161-170
Theoretical Foundations of Optimising Processes in Energy Conversion Systems to Increase the Effectiveness and Ecological Safety of Their Functioning PDF
Irina Suvorova, Oleg Kravchenko, Dmitriy Veligotskiy, Vitaliy Goman 171-179
Experimental Analysis of Wind Interaction with Olive Grove and the Atmospheric Surface Boundary Layer PDF
M. Jiménez- Portaz, M. Clavero M. A. Losada 180-186
Climate Literacy and Individual Consumption Behavior: An Evaluation of the Indian Experience PDF
Kanwal D. P. Singh, Aakriti Mathur 187-196
Waste Management and Collaborative Recycling: An SDG Analysis for a Circular Economy PDF
Kartikeya Durrani 197-209
Indicator Analysis of the Economic Development of Polish Regions in the Context of the Implementation of the Concept of Sustainable Development PDF
Anetta Barska, Janina Jędrzejczak-Gas 210-221
Assessment of the Economic Development of Polish Regions in the Context of the Implementation of the Concept of Sustainable Development - Taxonomic Analysis PDF
Janina Jędrzejczak-Gas, Anetta Barska 222-233
Navigating the Waters of “The Engine of Development”- Small Medium Enterprises (SME‟s) in India PDF
B. Vishnupriyaa A. B. Abiramib 234-243
Business Life Expectancy of Manufacturing Sector from Monteria, Córdoba - Colombia PDF
Juan Angel Chica Urzola, Ciro Alfonso Serna Mendoza 244-253
Conquest of Sustainable Development through Reformative Mechanisms of ADR PDF
Rachel Jacob Tharakan, Kanika Lahoti 254-261
Eco-Psychological and Phenomenological Approach to Sustainability PDF
Larry W. Riggs, Sandra Hellyer-Riggs 262-269
Development of an Integrated Game Based Assessment Approach – The Next Generation of Psychometric Testing PDF
Cătălin Gabriel Ioniță Alina Stanciu, Adrian Toșcă Dan Florin Stănescu 270-277
Empirical Research on the Latent Factors that Facilitate the Individuals’ Interaction with the Community PDF
Ion Tudor Cristina State, Valentina Nicolae 278-301
Volunteering – An Efficient Collaborative Practice for the Local Communities Sustainability. Empirical Study PDF
Daniela Predețeanu-Dragne, Dan Popescu, Valentina Nicolae 302-323
Digital Exclusion in the Labour Market in European Countries: Causes and Consequences PDF
Izabela Czaja, Maria Urbaniec 324-336
Level of Sustainable Green Practices at Pantai 2 Sewage Treatment Plant, Klang Valley, Malaysia PDF
Raman Mariyappan 337-349
The Impact of Building Regulation Contravention on Rapid Urbanisation: Case of Kano Metropolis PDF
Sani Khalil Ibrahim, fnia 350-357
A Political Economy Analysis of Public Spending Distribution for Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangladesh PDF
Shafiqul Islam, Cordia Chu, James C. R. Smart 358-372
Chances for Socially Sustainable Development in Guam as One of the Remaining Colonies PDF
Ulrike Nennstiel 373-382
Toward LCA-lite: A Simplified Tool to Easily Apply LCA Logic at the Early Design Stage of Building in Australia PDF
Toktam B. Tabrizi, Arianna Brambilla 383-396
Social Enterprising Observance among B40 Urban Women for Socioeconomic Sustainability PDF
Rohaiza Rokisa 397-408
An Analytical View to Environmental Quality of Life in the European Union Countries PDF
Emília Huttmanová, Roman Novotný, Tomáš Valentiny 409-421
The status quo’s role in improving the estimation of willingness to pay in choice experiments PDF
Alexandru MAXIM, Teodora ROMAN 422-432
Rainfall in Bangladesh: Is Rainwater Harvesting a Sustainable Approach for Governing Rainwater? PDF
M. Rafiqul Islam 433-444
Comparative Analysis of Sharing Bike Systems Based on Sustainability Indicators PDF
Yurui HAN, Serge ROHMER 445-458
Diachronic Analysis of Florianópolis Urban Morphology and the Impact on Urban Mobility Related to Brasília PDF
Caroline Machado da Silva, Lucas Heiki Matsunaga, Ingrid Luiza Neto, Hartmut Günther 459-469
Will Curtains Come Down for the Sustainable Theatre – Evaluating Growth Challenges from an Island Nation PDF
Seck Tan 470-479

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