Important Dates


Regular Deadline
Late Submission Deadline
Proposal Submission
10 March 2019
10 June 2019
Notification of Acceptance
Before 10 April 2019
Before 20 June  2019
Manuscript Submission
 10 April 2019
25 June  2019
20 April  2019
25 June 2019

Proposals submitted after 25th of July 2019 are subject to availability of space. Delegates that register after this date, during the Conference days will receive the Certificates of Appreciation. The other accepted publications can be on line only.

Deadline for Poster Submission:  10 July 2019. Please note: delegates that submit after this date, should produce and bring along their posters.

 Important Notes

1. Registrations must be completed and fully paid before presentations are scheduled. Payment must be received by the indicated date in order to receive the stated guarantees associated with the specific Registration Phase. If registration payment is received after the late registration deadline, scheduling the presentation is subject to availability of space.

2.Note that proposal submission is mandatory. Meanwhile manuscript submission is optional. Late manuscript submission, if accepted, can be published in the next issue of EJSD.

3. Every Conference registration includes both:

i) Book of Abstracts 7th ICSD 2019 (ISBN) for every accepted proposal

ii) Special Edition (or Normal Edition) of the European Journal of Sustainable Development (ISSN), for every accepted manuscript

4.Print Edition of EJSD, Book of Abstracts and Certificates of Participation will be distributed during the days of the conference for Regular Registration Participants. The other participants may receive all materials at their specified addresses.

5. All Participant authors and co-authors must register separately once the proposal has been accepted. Non Participant co-authors do not need to register. It is sufficient the registration of the primary author.