Vol 6, No 2

Table of Contents


Agricultural Biodiversity in Climate Change Adaptation Planning PDF
Ana Bedmar Villanueva, Michael Halewood, Isabel López Noriega 1-8
Study Regarding the Perception of Small Farmers from the South- East of Romania on Social Agricultural Cooperatives PDF
Florina Oana Virlanuta, Florentina Moisescu, Daniela Ludmila Manea 9-18
A Review of Desalination Potential in Greek Islands Using Renewable Energy Sources, a Life Cycle Assessment of Different Units PDF
Panagiotis Karvounis 19-32
Spatio Temporal Evaluation of Vegetation Cover in Sargodha (Pakistan) for Sustainable Urban Future PDF
Omar Riaz, Huma Munawar, Maryam Khalid 33-40
Tettegouche State Park Summer Visitors’ Perceptions on Ecosystem Services of the Park and Management Practices They Support PDF
Funda Varnaci Uzun, Kenneth L. Gilbertson 41-56
Importance of Heat Insulation for Creating Energy Efficiency in Current Buildings: Bursa, Nilüfer/Turkey Example PDF
Filiz Senkal Sezer 57-68
Multidimensional Data Analysis towards Assessing the European Education Systems PDF
Georgeta Vintilă, Mihaela Onofrei, Ştefan Cristian Gherghina 69-88
Adopting Sustainable Behavior in Institutions of Higher Education: A Study on Intentions of Decision Makers in the MENA Region PDF
Sultan O. Almarshad 89-110
The Impact of Official Aid on Poverty Reduction: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria (1981-2014) Using The ARDL and Bound Test Approach PDF
Uche Boniface Ugwuanyi, Hillary Chijindu Ezeaku, Imo G. Ibe 111-120
R&D Performance in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Case Study of Egypt PDF
Iman AlAyouty 121-134
Using Sustainable Landscape Design Criteria in Order to Regeneration of Urban Seasonal Rivers’ Bed PDF
Ali Reza Sadeghi, Ferial Ahmadi 135-146
The Extent of Practitioners' Involvement in the Delivery of Sustainable Urban Regeneration Projects in UK PDF
Julius Akotia, Alex Opoku, Farahat Hafiz 147-164
Regional Disparities in Slovakia and The Czech Republic in the Context of Sustainable Growing of Energy Plants PDF
Marián Kotrla, Kristína Mandalová, Martin Prčík 165-180
Effect of Selected Bacteria as Bioremediation on the Degradation of Fats Oils and Greases in Wastewater from Cafeteria Grease Traps PDF
Prachumporn Lauprasert, Jessada Chansirirattana, Jenjira Paengjan 181-186
Benzene and 1, 3 Butadiene Concentration and Its Potential Health Impact in Chiang Mai, Thailand PDF
Wisit Thongkum, Jindawan Wibuloutai, Sawan Thitisutthi 187-192
Lignocellulosic Waste Material – from Landfill to Sorbent and Fuel PDF
Zorica R. Lopičić, Mirjana D. Stojanović, Jelena V. Milojković, Mirjana Lj. Kijevčanin 193-200
Evaluating the Trend of Changes in Groundwater Quality Parameters (Case Study: Jiroft Plain) PDF
Farshad Soleimani Sardoo, Ali Azareh 201-209
The Ability of Thai Herbal Household Plant Crude Extracts (Alpinia Galangal) in Growth Inhibition of Mold Aspergillus Flavus and Destruction of AflatoxinB1 PDF
Pinyapach Dungkokkruad, Jatupol Jutirak, Nutsuda Wongkamsom, Pattama Kongsee, Montol Saichi, Atchariya Meesa-ad 210-216
Assessment of Pump’s Performance in Water Supply Systems – Data Collected from Multiple Case Studies PDF
Pedro Cardoso, António Santos, Ricardo Rato, Marco Estrela 217-226
Using Cultural Capital for Urban Management, Khon Kaen Municipality, Thailand PDF
Kanta Vilachai 227-232
Sustainability Lessons from Kanazawa City, Japan PDF
Aida Mammadova 233-239
Oral Health Status and Oral Impact on Daily Performance in Elderly in Northeastern Region Thailand PDF
K. Sombateyotha, U. Mahaweerawat 240-244
Management of Acidic Mine Waste Water by Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems: A Bench Scale Study PDF
A.S. Sheoran 245-255
The Role of International Mobile Remittances in Promoting Financial Inclusion and Development PDF
Alois Nyanhete 256-266
The Legal Basis of Public Participation in the International Environmental Governance as a Requirement for Sustainable Development PDF
Olga V. Pavlova 267-271
Evaluation of Stability and Performance of Dam Foundations at Static State PDF
Ebrahim Ghanizadeh, Mohammad Ghanizadeh 272-292

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