Open Access Policy

EJSD Follows an Open Access Policy. This statement means that all past and present published manuscripts can be accessed, viewed, copied, downloaded, distributed, linked or searched in full text without any need of submission or charge. This choice represents our intention to contribute in the global process of knowledge democratization.

Benefits of open access for authors, include:

  • Free access for all users worldwide. By providing immediate and unrestricted access to the latest research, we can accelerate discovery and create a more equitable system of knowledge that is open to all., since readers can retrieve it regardless of their economic status or geographical location.
  • Immediacy. New ideas can be dispersed more rapidly and widely, which in turn confronts scientists and avoids redundant research.
  • Public interest. Open Access allows everyone to benefit from your advancements, so that they have the most impact and influence on moving science forward. Particularly in reaching non-scholarly audiences and academic audiences in less well developed parts of the world, where access to commercial journals is particularly limited.
  • Increased visibility and readership. Articles tend to have a much bigger impact in the short-term compared to “subscription-only” work. The long-term impact has been found to be similar, with some studies showing a slightly larger impact for open-access articles.