Equal rights. Up to What Point?


  • Xhabir Zejnuni




Today around the world is being discussed on human rights. These rights have taken and take each day more space and attention. With the evolution of today's society evolve the requirements of a part of this society for even more special recognitions. Such knowledge has to do with unions or gay marriages. For the applicants of this right, this requirement is more than natural, while for part of the other society this kind of requirement is not natural, knowing the cell of society is natural family created by the union of a man and a woman that has as ultimate goal childbearing. Demand for unions or gay marriage is not so easy to realize apparently at first sight, because then the consequences will fall upon all civil society. Also accepting gay unions or marriages, brings to amend and modify the relevant legislation which creates threatening of the balances set before. Anyone today can make choices, which he believes are most appropriate for his or her self, but not to the point that this choice affect the rest of society, as it has (also) choices which cannot or should not be resolved necessarily.

Keywords: freedom, law, rights, marriage




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