French Green Growth Paradigm In-line with EU Targets Towards Sustainable Development Goals


  • Aung Ze Ya



The novel aspect of this article is the integrative orchestration of recently Green Strategies of Global, Europe and French Fight against Climate Change Challenge as well as comprehensive analysis on the French RE (Renewable Energy) Scenarios during 2006 to 2015. The contributions of French RE Capacities are evidently compared with respect to World and European Union (EU). Moreover, French Icons of Green Growth, the present situation and emerging RE Trends in the near future are highlighted in this research paper. 

United Nations (UN) is encouraging a Sustainable World for all initiative to ensure universal access to save the World by decarbonization, promote the harnessing of RE energies and improve Energy Efficiency (EE). As the western powerful organization, EU is obviously participating in UN’s Green Efforts and also leading the strategic fight against the Climate Change Battle.

France is actively addressing the Climate Change and delegable attending Paris 2015 (COP 21). France is significantly one of the few World developed countries that is facilitated with high living standard and clean electricity generation as the leader of EU electricity exporter. France has concrete frameworks and impressive policies for RE development and effectively boosting it with incentive mechanisms. There is no doubt that French Green Growth Paradigm is shifting with implementation of Low-carbon Economy towards Sustainable Future of Mother Earth.

 Key Words: Climate Change, French RE, EU, Paris 2015, SDGs, PV




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Ze Ya, A. (2016). French Green Growth Paradigm In-line with EU Targets Towards Sustainable Development Goals. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 5(2), 143.