Organizational Business Interest as Organizational Request


  • Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand



Making a difference in organization or creating the very best product or service on themarket or simply doing something loves to do. Furthermore, it seems that the emphasis onorganizational empowerment as structure, and systems has not yielded the desired results assome of the companies where these variables have been changed, after sometime, wentback to experiencing declining performance. It is therefore obvious that more researchneeds to be done to identify characteristics that enhance organizational performance.Implementing good environmental and organizational practices is good organizationalbusiness it can give a competitive advantage. This article attempts to explain theorganizational business interest by patterns of thinking. Organizations use organizationalresources as the basic ingredient for all that is required for their operations. They aretherefore eager to maintain and improve the quantity of expendable organizationalresources by not only resources utilization, but by also identifying, nurturing andmaintaining characteristics that promote organizational performance. The key toorganization success is having a organizational business interest in place. Whetherorganization is about to launch a start-up or organization have been in organizationalbusiness for years, organizational business' direction is guided by your organizationalbusiness interest. In spite of this general awareness, such long-term organizational business,strategic-level interest of organizational business has been lacking in most organizations.




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