A Question of Time: Relations Between Age and Business Success


  • Julianna Nádai
  • Anna Garai




Our paper aims to find answers to the question how much business success negotiation success is determined by the business partners age and the amount of time spent in various fields of economy. In the 21st century it seems to be a global phenomenon that business negotiators’ ages tend to decrease due to the digitalization of business processes. In Central Eastern Europe this move is likely to be accelerated in the past 15 years. This paper presents parts of a research into the role of the effect of age versus business experience. Generation gaps between Hungarian business partners is obviuous as they have developed different corporate behavior styles. Thus, the factors age and generation are dominant in negotiations between two nations as differences in cultures also make negotiation situations more subtle.  In our research we introduced age-related dichotomies which provide a theoretical framework for research can focus on practical results in a well-defined system, by taking existing models into account as well. In our paper we describe generation dependent business behavior in terms of Hungarian – German relations.


Keywords: age related dichotomies, research, business, negotiations, cultural differences




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Nádai, J., & Garai, A. (2017). A Question of Time: Relations Between Age and Business Success. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 6(1), 325. https://doi.org/10.14207/ejsd.2017.v6n1p325