Economic and Demographic Effects of External Migration in Poland and Slovakia - Some Aspects


  • Andrzej Skibiński
  • Andrzej Rączaszek



The paper presents the external migration flows and their impacts on economic and social life in
analyzed countries. The travel inside the EU is totally free after Poland and Slovakia joined the EU,
and they fructified this opportunity. There are important economic consequences of these
movements, because external migration is an ever-growing phenomenon that has important
development implications for both sending and receiving countries. For a sending country migration
and the resulting remittances lead to increased incomes and educational outcomes, and promote
economic development. On the other hand, migration processes influence on changes in the age
structure. This process is very important from the labour market point of view. Hence, the aim of
this publication is to identify the post-accession effects of foreign migration, especially the
consequences for the labour market in Poland and Slovakia. Applied quantitative and qualitative
analyses were conducted based on survey results and data from Eurostat statistical databases. The
survey was conducted since March – till April 2017 on a sample of N = 254 respondents, using the
diagnostic survey method. The temporal scope of the analyses was largely determined by data

Keywords: labour market, migration processes, aging population




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Skibiński, A., & Rączaszek, A. (2017). Economic and Demographic Effects of External Migration in Poland and Slovakia - Some Aspects. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 6(3), 129.