Career Entrants’ Expectations on Workplace Values


  • Nádai Julianna



Today it is a key issue to define the term value both in a holistic and a corporate approach. After graduation from higher education institutions young people set up a value system concerning workplaces they have to enter to start a career. In the present research we focus on the process how career entrants develop their values spontaneously and how these values are formed in a conscious way. We do not consider value as an abstract term but rather how it gets reality in practice, everyday activities and behaviors. The present study will concentrate on expected values at workplaces and not on experienced ones. Value systems are the result of a series of dichotomy decisions where we must oppose various aspects and ideas. We will examine what values young graduates expect from the companies prior to their employment. To get authentic results and a proper base for analysis the method of research is based on structured interviews with young people just before starting a profession. In the future the results will be beneficial for researchers as well as for companies that can review their existing values according to expected ones revealed at the research.

Keywords: career entrants, value expectations, research, interview




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