Proactive Civil Society to Achieve SDGs


  • Celia Pinedo Pardo



This Article has the aim to show how crucial civil society proactive role is to achieve 2030 Agenda. It focusses especially in South regions’ rural areas where communities have never had the opportunity to design and lead their own development.

SDGs motto states “leaving no one behind”. However, we still find that one of the great problems regarding 2030 Agenda achievement is the generalized ignorance of what “S-D-G” mean.

To tackling these issues, it is essential to provide the necessary tools to population (especially in rural areas) to let them know how they can really be actors of an inclusive sustainable global development and to make them aware that development is a human right recognized to all individuals.

This Article it’s about the international partnership for the 17 goals that reunites more than 150 proactive children and young people from San Marcos (Guatemala), Poroma (Bolivia), Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast) and Navarre (Spain). A Non-governmental organization initiative supported by public authorities and based on a PhD research that defends why small local projects promoted by children and youth people are essential to achieve SDGs.

There are currently 25 local projects running as a result of this Education for Development program that boosts North-South and South-South cooperation.

Keywords: Education for Development, proactivity, Agenda 2030, society empowerment, South-South cooperation, right to development.




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