Groundwater Management in Ukraine and the EU

Viktor Ladychenko, Olena Yara, Liudmyla Golovko, Viktoriia Serediuk



The purpose of our scholarly work is to explore legal regulation of sustainable use and protection of groundwater resources in Ukraine and the EU. Our study is organized around the following main issues: groundwater management, legal regulation of monitoring of groundwater resources, protection of groundwater from nitrate contamination. In this paper we review the current situation in groundwater policy in Ukraine, discuss the problems related to this situation and present recommendations for their solution. Based on comparison analysis differences and common problems of protection of groundwater resources in Ukraine and EU member states were determined. Ways of improving the mechanism of groundwater monitoring in Ukraine were proposed. Prevention of water pollution due to runoff of nitrates from agricultural lands was considered.


Keywords: EU water policy, groundwater, water legislation, water management, water quality

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