The Energy from Renewable Sources in the European Union: Achieving the Goals


  • Sorin Petrica Angheluta
  • Sorin Burlacu
  • Amelia Diaconu
  • Cristina Stefania Curea



The existence and continuity of life on Earth is based on the existence of an ecological balance. Under the influence of pollution, the quality of the natural environment gradually degrades. Thus, pressures are exerted on the environment, including from energy production and consumption activities. The different phenomena of pollution, associated with the destruction of the environment, have made the sources of energy production diversified. Sustainable development can be achieved through the use of technologies that protect the environment. Within the electricity sector, energy from renewable sources has grown significantly in recent years. Energy production from Renewable energy reduces the use of fossil fuels, but also influences the process of reducing greenhouse gases. The article starts from the analysis of the current situation of renewable sources in the member countries of the European Union. With support of the comparative analysis of existing data at European level, the stage of achieving the European Union's objectives on renewable energy is presented. Also, comparative analyses of data on the share of renewable energy in final energy consumption are presented. Lack of emissions of pollutants, and the fact that they are inexhaustible, make, on the whole of electricity production, the share of renewable sources increases.


Keyword: Renewable energy, European Union, electricity production




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Angheluta, S. P., Burlacu, S., Diaconu, A., & Curea, C. S. (2019). The Energy from Renewable Sources in the European Union: Achieving the Goals. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 8(5), 57.