Impact of Gender, Age and Management Style on the Success of Family Business in Kosovo


  • Rifat Hoxha
  • Hamdi Hoti



Family business is the most contributing category in the economic development of all countries. Both Developed and Developing Countries and Less Developed Family Business plays an important role in reducing unemployment and is a catalyst for developing creative ideas and innovations in all business activities. In this paper we will address some of the characteristics of managers of this business category, such as their gender, age, and style of management, and their impact on the development and growth of these businesses' performance. The paper is part of the survey conducted by the survey of over 300 family businesses in Kosovo and was used by the author for the preparation of doctoral dissertation. This paper is fulfill from the survey which is realized with professors of Economic field in University of Prizren “Ukshin HOTI” in Prizren. From those finding results of research we give some modest recommendations and it’s more raising awareness especially business management from female gender as an opportunity to duplicate the potential for a development and performance of those business. This is based on the fact that the more thought we have, the more ideas come about how we can manage a family business with contemporary style, without a gender or age complex, which can guarantee success not only in our country , but to become competitive and penetrate the markets of the most developed countries.

Keywords: Family business, Gender, Age, Management style




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Hoxha, R., & Hoti, H. (2019). Impact of Gender, Age and Management Style on the Success of Family Business in Kosovo. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 8(5), 153.