Vol 6, No 1

Table of Contents


Designing Autonomous Communities in Suburbs of Japan PDF
Ikuyo Kikusawa, Kayoko Kondo 1-10
User Satisfaction of Indoor Environmental Quality in Student Dormitories PDF
Gulsah Yavuz Kocaman, Filiz Senkal Sezer, Tuğba Cetinkol 11-22
Minimizing the Risk in Investment Projects PDF
Reza Nazari 23-30
Study Regarding the Financial Reporting of Intangible Assets. Case of Romanian Pharmaceutical Industry PDF
Alina Gheorghe Ancuţa, Florentina Moisescu, Florina Varlanuta 31-41
Predicting the Economic Impact of Using Renewable Energy by Modelling Through Artificial Intelligence Techniques PDF
Mioara Chirita, Daniela Ancuta Sarpe, Nicoleta Cristache, Adrian Micu, Alexandru Capatina 42-56
Studying the Effect of Corruption on Income Per-capita Level in an IV Estimation in Developing countries PDF
Hoda Hassaballa 57-70
Smart City Solution for Sustainable Urban Development PDF
Mostafa Basiri, Ali Zeynali Azim, Mina Farrokhi 71-84
The Contribution of EU Funds to Wellbeing and Sustainable Development in Central European Countries PDF
Mirjana Kranjac, Uroš Sikimić, Srđan Tomić, Jelena Vapa-Tankosić 85-102
Mini U Brochures: Advertising Social Exclusion at a Post-secondary Institution, Canada? PDF
JuSung Kim, jay johnson 103-122
Identifying lifestyles of Kosovo beer consummers PDF
Arsim Begunca 123-138
The Pursuit Of Climate Protection And The Uneven Global Distribution of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects: Lesson From Least Developed Countries (LDCS) PDF
Philip Agbonifo 139-152
Involvement of NGOs in Training Teachers in Education for Sustainable Development in Vietnam: A Case Study PDF
Thi Kinh Kieu, Jane Singer 153-166
Soft Drinks Consumer Segmentation Using Benefit Sought Variables-Case Study Kosovo Market PDF
Arsim Begunca 167-173
Evaluating Community Based Initiatives’ Sustainability in Europe: Balancing Data Needs and Resulting Uncertainties. PDF
Federico Martellozzo, Dominik Reusser, Helge Groß 181-202
Industry of Acrylic, Woven - Patterned Blanket in - (Kadhimiya & Fateh) Factories for (2009-2015) A Comparative Study PDF
Intesar Hassoon Redha Al-Salamy 203-220
The Acceptability of Teachers’ Value Related Statements About Sustainable Development and Climate Change Among Non-Science and Science Major Students from Kosovo PDF
Zeqir Veselaj, Gregor Torkar 221-232
Improving Sustainability of Programmes in Strategic Environmental Assessment Procedures: the QUAlitative Structural Approach for Ranking (QUASAR) the Environmental Effects. PDF
Gaia Galassi, François Levarlet 233-246
Energy Poverty in Southern and Eastern Europe: Peculiar Regional Issues PDF
Alexandru MAXIM, Costică MIHAI, Constantin-Marius APOSTOAIE, Andrei MAXIM 247-260
Future Challenges for the Breeders Struggling the Climatic Changes PDF
I. Badjakov, I. Tsvetkov, I. Dincheva, V. Kondakova, A. Atanassov 261-266
Environmental Kuznets Curve for CO2and NOx emissions: A Case Study of India. PDF
Apra Sinha, M.Y Bhatt 267-276
Political Determinants of National Environmental Performance in the European Union PDF
Constantin-Marius Apostoaie, Alexandru Maxim 277-290
Resident Attitudes Towards Tourists and Tourism Growth: A Case Study From the Middle East, Dubai in United Arab Emirates PDF
Esmat Zaidan, Jason F. Kovacs 291-307
Sustainable development: the Nexus of Environmental Sustainability, Values, and Ethics PDF
Yee Keong CHOY 308-324
A Question of Time: Relations Between Age and Business Success PDF
Julianna Nádai, Anna Garai 325-334
Bricolage concept in risk culture assessment PDF
Iwona Gorzeń Mitka 335-343
Innovation as a Key Factors of Small Business Competition PDF
Monika Sipa 344-356
The changes of the Population Structure and its Consequences in Selected EU Countries – Some Aspects PDF
Andrzej Skibiński 357-368
Relationships Between the Attributes Virtual Business and Factors of Sustainable Value Creation in Enterprises in Poland PDF
Bogusława Ziółkowska 369-376
Sustainability Reporting Guidelines—Safety Issues for Oil Companies PDF
Natalia Andreassen 377-387
Stereotypes: An obstacle or trigger to business success? PDF
Julianna Nádai 388-394

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